Mobile Detailing Pricing & Add Ons


Automotive Detailing Packages

Disclaimer: There is a distance fee over 20 miles.
Additional charges may be included for PET HAIR and OVERSIZED VEHICLES.

Platinum Package

Full interior detail on all spots of vehicle. Includes; cracks and crevices, exterior is fully detailed plus a hand wax.

DISCOUNT can be added with this package of 3 or more vehicles!

CAR $170 / TRUCK$190 / SUV $200

6 Month Ceramic Pro Coating Package

Full interior detail on all spots of vehicles, including cracks and crevices. Exterior is foam washed, plus a 6-month sealant (wax & polish). DISCOUNT can be added with this package of 3 or more vehicles.

Small - Mid Size Vehicles $299

Large - Full Size Vehicles $399

Oversized Vehicles - Priced in Person

Value Added

Detailing Add Ons

Steam Cleaning

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Can be used on anything. Sanitize the entire interior of your vehicle.


Engine Bay

Pop open the hood to be degreased and cleaned off. Air blow dried. Polish any chromes and metal. Shine up all rubber hose and plastics.


Shampooing of Seats and Carpet

The seats are extracted from the vehicle to insure we breach every square inch of carpet. Seats are shampooed as well. If seats are leather, they are leather conditioned.

SUV $200

Clay Bar

Clay bar will leave vehicle paint incredibly smooth. This makes the application of polish or sealant much easier and increase the bond they have with your paint, which will also help the sealant or polish to last longer.


Defect Removal

Paint Correction



Removing light to medium clear coat scratches.

Car - $200
Truck - $260
SUV - $300



Remove medium to heavy clear coat scratches, oxidation, etc. Followed behind with polishing (1 step).

Car - $300
Truck - $400
SUV - $500


Wet Sanding

Removes deep scratches. Followed behind with compound, then polishing (2 step and 1 step).

Priced on Site

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